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What Is Natural Gardening?

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Natural gardening is gardening that uses natural material like natural fertilizer, natural man labor and natural preparation of the earth to be planted as a garden or as a farm. In natural gardening, fertilizer is made from allowing the natural decomposition of waste foods like corn husks, cores of fruit and other natural waste and using it as fertilizer.  They can also be used for termite control phoenix. There is also packets of natural fertilizer sold in garden stores and some gardeners make natural fertilizer themselves by collecting cow or goat manure. These natural fertilizers are not produced synthetically in a laboratory and are made from natural material already in existence in the natural world. The word natural means already existing or in nature. A chemical fertilizer is not already made or already existing in the world but is created by a chemist in a laboratory using synthetic material that duplicates the nutrients existing in natural material.

Also, in natural gardening, the earth is prepared naturally by hoeing the plot of earth, allowing the natural decay of weeds that are unearthed and of re hoeing the plot of earth to make the earth ready for seeds to sprout and for their roots to feed off of nutrients easily. In some gardens or in some farms, the earth is sprayed with chemicals that kill weeds and the earth is then hoed with the chemicals imbedded in the earth and eventually in the plants. Natural preparation of a garden or of a farm takes time and requires the diligent work of gardeners who appreciate growing plants naturally. The actual result of a fully grown plant will take much more time in natural gardening than in chemical gardening and the food value might be a problematical issue. Many people like naturally grown products because they have a secret fear of chemicals especially chemicals in or on their food.

organic gardenNatural gardening is gardening that uses natural methods and fertilizers in preparing the earth and in feeding the plants. Plus, natural gardening does not use chemical sprays in ridding the earth or the plants from bugs. There are natural means of ridding the garden of bugs. Some of these means include using natural bug rejecters like marigolds or of simply going through the ground and removing bugs by hand. There are other ways of preparing the earth to resist bugs or to remove bugs that might be present in the earth. Looking through seed catalogues is the first step in learning about natural gardening.